Founded in 1996, the Canaan Foundation brings computers to Africa

Rural Africa has issues, indeed. Jobs are scarce, and, as often as not, the cash economy has collapsed.  AIDS devastates entire communities. One small step for mankind is education. The more people are educated, the greater their chance to get jobs and to support their families. Computers and information technology are essential to the development of Africa today, but only 1 percent of the world’s computers make their way there.

The Canaan Foundation delivers hope packaged in a
computer. We believe that computer technology can
create critical connections between the developing
world and the world’s leading economies. Without
such connections, the economic isolation of the
developing world can be devastating. With such
connections, by contrast, we can create future
opportunities that result in true economic and
corresponding social development.

Since 1998, we have delivered hundreds of used computers, gathered in America, to approximately 75 schools, orphanages, hospitals, and game conservancies, serving tens of thousands of students in Kenya and Cameroon. By design, the Canaan Foundation Trust in
Kenya and the Canaan Foundation of Cameroon, sister organizations, assume the on-site responsibility for distribution and maintenance.

We are creating both a critical mass of computer skill and an economic link with the developed world. School enrollments soar. Test scores rocket up. Jobs are found. Futures exist.

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